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The villa, one of the residences of the Marchesi Niccolini family, original of Badia a Passignano, has supported many changes during the centuries. The last descendants of a familiar branch of the family add in 1800 the Alamanni inheritance and join their names:

  • Rodolfo, famous composer and founding musician of the Società Filarmonica, was a passionate agriculturist.
  • Luigi, man of letters and also agriculturist.

They spend much of their time here and with love and embellishments give the house the fascinating appearance it has today. With the death of Luigi in 1897 the property passes to an other branch of the same family, the Niccolini di Camugliano. The senator of the reign Eugene Niccolini, famous writer and passionate hunter, cured the forests and the vineyards with that love for nature that comes forth from his writings.
Trough feminine branch the small Fattoria reaches the current owners, the Counts Passerin d’ Entrèves. In the course of the last centuries little has changed of the uncontaminated beauty of its forests and the surrounding country.